A sci-fi nation roleplay focusing on interstellar empires and their interactions
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 README: Roleplaying

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PostSubject: README: Roleplaying   Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:08 pm

The following are the rules specific to the Roleplaying section of the board. These rules are only enforced when reported, as they exist solely to provide a baseline for respecting your fellow players. If the people you're roleplaying with do not object to you breaking these rules, neither do we.

When roleplaying, you shall not:
>>Metagaming is the act of using information derived through out-of-character experience, iscussion, or reading to use in-character when said character(s) do not possess the experience or knowledge.
>>Godmodding is the act of treading on another player’s domain through the control of their characters, factions, or other such in-character constructs, whether that be their actions, reactions, or thoughts.
>>Powergaming is the act of abusing the mechanics or rules of a system to gain an advantage, and otherwise treating the roleplay as a competitive game rather than collaborative storytelling.

Above all, we'd like to maintain the verisimilitude and fun of the roleplay.
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README: Roleplaying
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