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 Nations of Kirnond

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PostSubject: Nations of Kirnond   Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:52 pm

Faction Application

Major Nations: Quzark, Zasala, and Sesil-Si. (Kirnond is not in any state of legal unity, and is without even a UN equivalent.)
Faction Type: Economically tied collection of nations ranging from impoverished backwater to superpower. Various sorts of government or lack thereof.
Territory:Kirnond - Homeworld of the Nond, population of 6.5 billion individuals living in 153 nations. The majority of the planet is a post-ocean world. At some point in its past a catastrophe caused the stripping of much of its atmosphere, leading to the evaporation of its large planetary ocean and the formation of a near-global desert, with the atmosphere reaching a somewhat stable state afterwards. Due to this the atmosphere is extremely humid depending on the time of year and other conditions, making flash floods over large areas of land common, though the water will soon evaporate once the storms stop.
Ngis - (Pronounced Neese) Moon of Kirnond, settlements total to approximately 6.1 million permanent residents, with a transient population averaging between one hundred and five hundred thousand per local year. All colonies are constructed as structures buried in tunnels beneath the harsh, airless surface, safe from solar radiation.
Gis - (Pronounced Geese) Collective name for ring of asteroids surrounding Kirnond, less than five hundred thousand permanent settlers, and approximately five hundred thousand transients. Most of them live on Kirnond or Ngis for a portion of the year, and take residence at their work site on Gis for the rest.

Zasl - Greenhouse world twice the mass of Earth, located in the next orbit from Kirnond. No population.
Salas - Moon of Zasl, approximately the size of Mars, though it is still geologically active and retains enough of an atmosphere for liquid water to exist and for the climate to be temperate by cosmic standards. Despite this it is easily an ice world, though the nation of Zasala is currently invested in terraforming it over the long-term. Population of seven hundred fifty million.
Species: Nond
Culture: Various.
History: In short, the nond are only recently spacefaring, having invented faster than light travel in the past century. More history will come later.
Data 3:
Biology 2:
Materials 4:
Power 4:
Industry 3:
Conventional 7:
Exotic 3:

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PostSubject: Re: Nations of Kirnond   Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:53 pm

Species Application

Species Name: Nond
Physiological Description:
Other: Potential WIP
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Nations of Kirnond
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