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 The United Coalition of Stellar States

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PostSubject: The United Coalition of Stellar States   Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:38 pm

Faction Application

Faction Name: United Coalition of Stellar States
Faction Type: Federal Stratocratic Oligarchy
Territory: Over a dozen human-controlled star systems formerly part of the UCSS. Only two under modern UCSS control.
Species: Humans
Culture: A hodgepodge of minor cultures, varying from settlement to settlement. One constant is the glorification of the space forces and other starfarers. Ruled by the Admirality.
History: The UCSS’ origins lies in a seedship, launched untold years ago, and carrying with it the supplies and machines capable of cloning and raising a new human population, as well as databanks full of history, sciences, and other such knowledge required to start a new civilization. Much of the information was, however, damaged or corrupted over the course of their journey, and all that was left of their history was the knowledge of some once great human empire.

On their new home, the colonists flourished though, establishing government and soon expanding to the stars, reaching out as quickly as was possible for them, intent on finding their origins, hoping for signs of an empire still growing, or at the very least ruins to point them towards an understanding of who they once were. This endeavor was soon stopped, however, as the then leader of the UCSS decided to stylize himself as emperor and tyrant, lording over the entirety of the UCSS’ colonies. Eventually the colonies could take no more, and outright rebellion broke out. It was a losing fight for the UCSS, and the emperor would order back all remaining loyalist forces. Sadly for him, the loyalist forces weren’t quite so loyal, and would usurp their leader, and the admirals of the fleet would install themselves as the new leaders.

They would spend the next few decades recuperating, and now are pushing to retake the colonies lost during the rebellion.
Data 5

Biology 5

Materials 3

Power 4

Industry 3

Conventional 4

Exotic 2


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PostSubject: Re: The United Coalition of Stellar States   Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:39 pm

Species Application

Species Name: Human(s), homo sapiens
Physiological Description: Stock humans, with some basic variations depending on planet of origin, ie, humans from a planet with higher-than-average gravity are built stockier, and the opposite for lighter worlds. These variations don’t impact anything more than normal variations of height, weight, and build in humans.
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The United Coalition of Stellar States
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