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 Kask Bloc (Rehv)

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PostSubject: Kask Bloc (Rehv)   Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:51 am

Species Application

Species Name: Rehv
Physiological Description: Rehv are largely humanoid, with ruddy brown skin and thick, shaggy black hair. Their most notably alien trait are the bony plates that cover where a human's eye sockets would be, from which sprout zig-zagging horns that curve backwards along the skull. The base of these horns are covered in numerous small eyes. As rehv age, their bodies over-optimize towards combat, resulting in increased aggression and increasingly ghoul-like bodies.

Faction Application

Faction Name: Kask Bloc
Faction Type: Militant police state (with the trappings of democracy)
Territory: Basic Interstellar: Tesh system, Duos system, "outer fringe" of assorted lightly-colonized systems and extrasolar holdings.
Species: Rehv
Culture: The Kask Bloc was, at one point, a very moderate democracy. The beginning of the Ego Wars resulted in the gradual but inexorable stripping away of rights and liberties and the increasing emphasis of military culture. The unaugmented underclass are encouraged to see enlistment and augmentation as the ultimate patriotic duty.
History: The Kask Bloc began as a democratic coalition of allied governments founded to help administrate the Rehv's rapidly expanding offworld industrial assets, and eventually found its feet as a proper government. It had a relatively uneventful history until the emergence of the Rusted Revolutionaries and their deployment of (at the time) highly classified augmented brainwashing techniques to "liberate" the outer fringe. At this point began the Ego Wars, forcing Kask to take a totalitarian stance towards national security as the risk of any citizen becoming a cybernetic killing machine grew.
Technology: Data 6/ Biology 3/ Materials 4/ Power 4/ Industry 5/ Conventional 4/ Exotic 0

Basically they're grimy industrialists with really, really good cybernetics and digital consciousness technologies. A bunch of revolutionaries are brainwashing and augmenting people living in the fringes in a sort of "workers' revolt", and the main government started doing basically the same thing to fight back.


Imagine a world that's been through so many wars that every city is built amid the shattered cathedrals and toppled masonry of the last. Picture teetering stone ruins propped up with salvaged scaffolding, picture markets and shops and neon signs built in gutted temples. Everything paved over what came before, built in the cracks, built atop space from which bones have been cleared.

That's Kodol, the homeworld of the rehv. The rehv lead curious lives; they begin as young and energetic and opulent, but as they mature their bodies begin to tear themselves apart in an effort to become killing machines. Instincts hold them in thrall to the charisma and pheromones of the younger generations, but such an overpoweringly aggressive bent has marred the history of the species for thousands of years. The young would build and rebuild, grow old, destroy it all, and then be replaced by the next generation to do it all again.

But such a problem is as much social as genetic, and the people of Kodol fought against both. Cybernetics and advanced digital systems saw the dawn of immortality; the young forever beautiful and free of the bloodlust that comes with years.

Of course, it wasn't for everyone. Mostly the rich and influential, sitting in their towers above the wasteland of urban sprawl below. Still, younger rehv are deeply empathetic, and in time a great democratic coalition known as the Kask Bloc united most of Kodol in their efforts. They reached the stars and stoked their industry to new heights. Cybernetics became something increasingly omnipresent, available even to the poor and the displaced.

And then there was the Rusted Revolution, a "workers revolt" with no qualms as towards deploying advanced brainwashing techniques to amass an army in the industrialized fringes of the Kask Bloc's territory. Anybody and everybody became a target, to be backed up, stored, and then wiped for conversion into a fanatical soldier.

With the threat of any citizen no matter how loyal suddenly becoming a killing machine, Kask slipped backwards along the track of progress. Rights were withheld, restrictions put in place, and over time the once fair and equal democracy became a militant police state, the rich and nigh-immortal influential lording over the poor and impoverished masses.

Of course, there was an escape from poverty. After all, there was still a war raging, a war that the Kask Bloc had hoped itself beyond, the so-called Ego War. The Rusted Revolution continued to eat away at the fringes and strike ever-deeper; masses of fresh soldiers were pulled in through propaganda and aggressive drafting measures. To prevent them being suborned, each was augmented with military-grade cybernetics, "personality security" measures, and flash-imprinted training. Their loyalty, resolve, and determination were all boosted.

And, of course, it soon became a war of two sides claiming justice sending hordes of augmented, brainwashed soldiers to fight the other.


The military of the Kask Bloc is heavily augmented, with widespread cybernetics in use. Lower ranks and support troops are usually outfitted with fairly low-grade enhancements, while higher ranked soldiers are often beasts of cybernetic augmentation, up to and including full-body replacement into dedicated platforms.

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Kask Bloc (Rehv)
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