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 Miniature Houses and Miniature People

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PostSubject: Miniature Houses and Miniature People   Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:28 pm

In his sky were three new stars, close together and perfectly aligned. From the spaceport, they appeared to float alongside the moon, though he knew the glimmering points were much closer than that. They were not the immediate threat, however. Invisible, or nearly so, another hundred stars waited, longing to come alive and warm the frozen surface of Boreas Prime.

The young officer shivered.

* * *

The space plane touched down softly for the hunk of metal it was. Commander Graves stood and pulled his balaclava into place over his mouth and nose. The cargo doors began to open as his marine escort of two took their places at the bay's mouth. The frozen landscape of Boreas Prime opened up in front of them, with a cloudless sky as black as the surface was white, save for the light of distant stars.

A boy met him outside, walking up to the space plane alone. His thermal coat was thin, judging from how the kid shivered, and decorated with a handful of military insignia. As the commander's feet touched the snow at the base of the ramp, the boy snapped into a crisp salute, palm down with his fingertips aligned with his brow. The officer's form was good, even if the Imperial salute itself was mildly offensive. Graves returned the salute, right fist over his heart.

"Right this way, sir. We have transportation waiting just down the runway."

They rode in silence. Graves and one marine on one side of the passenger compartment, and the young officer on the other. Out the truck window, Graves could see the planet's small moon, and alongside it, the three starships that made up his captain's task force, a carrier and two assault frigates. Hopefully they wouldn't be needed. Most of their ordinance had already been deployed in orbit, nuclear missiles mounted on drones, with dozens of man-piloted corvettes ready to send the lurking drones' atomic payloads to the surface.

Graves looked back to the young officer across from him. The boy's face was frozen in a neutral expression, but his eyes had fear and knowing in them.
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Miniature Houses and Miniature People
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