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 Upon Whom the Heavens Fall

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PostSubject: Upon Whom the Heavens Fall   Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:45 pm

This far from the Siphon, behind its shield of ice, the Tower of Babel is as a maggot, affixed parasitically.  Radiators face aft, hidden by the ship's bulk and the hailstone before it.  Only Babel's speed betrays it--two million meters per second is fast for a comet.  Within, only the Watcher, surrounded by thousands of thralls.

It has been like this since the last Siphon, more than one thousand years ago.  In all likelihood, the Watcher mused, this system's torchbearers had not seen the the Winking Star that accompanied that Siphon, so long ago.  With luck, they would not see Babel's approach until the Siphon had already begun, but in any case there was little risk.

It would be time to awaken the Patriarchs soon.  No doubt they already had selected bodies--fittest and nimblest among the thralls, products of whatever their eugenics games had wrought in the thousand years interim.  After they were finished here the Watcher will join them, become a tape in the Tower's archives and guide his children as a disembodied god.  The Watcher looked forward to such rewards of the afterlife--this watch had been a long one, crossing a mere seven light years and spanning such a length...

The Tower of Babel shifts, sending ice crystals splintering off its frozen womb.  Water through the ferrojets--inefficient, but the burn is small and the Watcher cannot risk igniting the main drive.  Hopefully they would not see--a comet too far from the star, already casting a tail.  But then, if the torchbearers could catch them now, at these speeds, they were as gods (and in their omnipotence had already spied the Tower).  It does not matter, the Watcher tells himself: they would be safe soon.

Forty days.
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PostSubject: Re: Upon Whom the Heavens Fall   Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:40 pm

A single carrier made up the task force, armed with "refurbished" fighter craft and crewed by "ambitious" young soldiers. The Captain of the Hawking sighed as he turned the page of the Chief Engineer's latest report. "Refurbished" in this case meant that all (or at least most) of the parts were there, they just had to be taken apart and put back together in the right order. "Ambitious" was code for unruly, undisciplined recruits that the King's Navy refused to discharge due to the "war".

The Hawking was situated around the most massive of Zephyros' two gas giants. Its task was simple. "Patrol the orbit of Zephyros III on high alert. Report any enemy activity before engaging." If the Boreasians did launch an attack, and did drop out of FTL nearby, the Hawking was to serve as the best possible interplanetary speed bump so the Dukes would have time to bicker before reinforcing the King's Navy with their own ships. Judging from the report Captain Tyler was reading, if the enemy fleet only had a single carrier with average crew and average equipment, the Hawking might be able to cripple it enough that the Dukes need not concern themselves at all.

As he picked up the next report, Roderick Tyler secretly hoped the enemy attack fleet, if any, was large enough to take out the Dukes as well. Especially the one who got him re-assigned for a little adultery.
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Upon Whom the Heavens Fall
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