A sci-fi nation roleplay focusing on interstellar empires and their interactions
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 The Stars Themselves NS

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PostSubject: The Stars Themselves NS   Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:17 am

Putting this here for now; I'll be changing some things around so that the NS actually fits the skeleton.

Faction Name: Calder, Ice World of the Elysium System

Capital System/Planet

Calder is an ice world located within the Elysium system. Unlike most planets that provide a suitable place for intelligent life to flourish, Calder seems to have been engineered by the cosmos to be as unforgiving as possible to those that have been forced to call it home.

Calder experiences perpetual winter and a world-wide mean temperature of -145 degrees fahrenheit, while intense winter storms rip across the land with frightening force, wind speeds often exceeding 1,400 miles per hour. A dry atmosphere results in the manifestation of frequent and destructive lightning storms that only add more headache behind Calder's inability to tolerate aircraft.  

Because of the thickness of its atmosphere and the sheer strength of its magnetic field (which, for the record, is approximately 15 times the strength of Earth’s), Calder severely hampers the overall effectiveness of many types of conventional weapon types when they are either fired at or used on its callous surface. Forefront of these weapons are particle beams, lasers and orbital bombardment weaponry (such as the “Rods from God” concept), with unique thermal-based weapons systems such as tokamak casters (weapons that use the power of nuclear fusion to fire copious amounts of thermal energy at a target) falling prey to high winds, low temperatures and heavy particulate count. As such, beam-type weapons are normally used in underground warfare, while the surface of Calder is primarily dominated by the railgun or ETC firearm.  Poorly-shielded electronic systems are prone to failure should they draw too close to Calder’s magnetic field.  

Like Mars and Earth's moon, Calder's surface is covered in a very fine (and unbelievably disruptive) type of dust that is known to cause sickness when it is inhaled or ingested.

Protecting Calder is a segmented ring-shaped fortress that encircles the entire planet. Based primarily around an array of beam-based and missile-based offensive and defensive systems, Calder’s ring possesses enough firepower, personal defense capabilities and autonomous intelligence to pose a serious risk to any assault fleet that runs afoul of its assigned mission, which encompasses the protection of Calder and its people until told otherwise. Several hundred satellites of intermediate size and firepower serve as the ring’s auxiliary support, using a laser or particle beam to shoot down incoming missiles and bothersome strike craft.    

Unlike most other intelligent species, Calderians construct their cities deep underground. These cities, called Holds, are armored similarly to exceptionally large starships, and come equipped with power fields that render them highly resistant to orbital bombardment. The earth and ice that covers them affords additional protection as well.

Home Region: Somewhere outside of Orion, but outside of Perseus as well. Generally thought to be in a sort of “No Man’s Land” where the jurisdiction of other factions and nations matters little--if none at all.

Ruler(s): Varies

Key Figures:

Chieftain Kane Fell-Hammer, Leader of the "Sons of Beowulf" Clan  

Population/Species Information:
[Hide=Bestia Mechanicae]

Bestia Mechanicae Artificialis

Bestia Mechanicae Artificialis —or Artificial Beast Machines as they are commonly christened by the Calderian people--are a synthetic species of titanic, semi-sapient assault walker native to the frigid world of Calder.

Artificial Beast Machines are the near-pinnacle of weapons technology on Calder, each one more than capable of not only obliterating ground-based targets (such as marauding armies, other Artificial Beast Machines and entire cities) with appalling simplicity, but also training their siege-grade projectile and directed-energy weapons systems upon void-based targets as well. Befitting of their lethal intentions, Bestia Mechanicae Artificialis share an aesthetic likeness with Terra-native predatory feline or canine quadruped organisms (like the tiger, the dog, the wolf or the snow leopard), while these same redoubtable appearances are often augmented by an abundance of tribalistic stencil designs, war trophies from kills scored against enemy Bestia Mechanicae and/or other ultra-heavy vehicles, or scores of fragmented bone native to the bodies of felled light infantry.

Bestia Mechanicae Reliquia

Laid upon its breast, revered icons such as this one denote a Beast Machine's phenotype (or subset), which can give a rough indication as to what he or she is capable of. The icon above depicts a Bladed-Fang Beast Machine, one of the more heavily-armored, taller and physically-imposing (yet relatively slow) Relic-type subsets.

Bestia Mechanicae Reliquia ('Relic Beast Machine'), ironically, represent the maturity of quad-based mech technology on Calder; Relic Beast Machines mimic the appearances of ancient Terra-native creatures such as Smilodons, Dire Wolves, Cave Hyenas, or the Andrewsarchus, but have been engineered by their original creators so as to possess far more sophisticated electronic and locomotive systems. Every part of a Relic's body has been forged using molecular nanotechnology and advanced metallurgical techniques to produce incredibly durable metals and materials gifted with the ability to self-heal, regenerate and reform, while electrically-driven artificial muscle fibers give Relics formidable grace, speed and agility.    

So advanced are they that successfully replicating them, let alone coming to fully understand their intrinsic inner-workings and habits, has been met with continued failure.


“Calderians are Thor’s chosen harbingers--the Mannfolk of the Old Kingdom of Midgard and the children of Manheimr--whom are aided by their steel companions: the Beast Machines, great towering behemoths born in a time where all of creation was under fire. By their lead will the venerated Ice World stand firm against the Midgard Serpent’s tyranny, driving the great beast back into the sea from whence he came, in turn bringing an end to Surtr’s diabolical schemes. The Old Gods shall be reborn from the blood of martyrs, where then Midgard shall be remade by the weathered hands of heroes and legends, and Asgard shall be unshackled from the biting chains of oppression that harm it so.”

Calderians are the hearty denizens of Calder, the unspecified ‘tenth’ homeworld of the ash tree Yggdrasil and the hiding place for Odin’s powerful Beast Machines.  

More along the lines of cyborgs, the minds of all Calderians play willing host to a number of sophisticated virtually intelligent subroutines that regulate, produce and alter any and all scientific and engineering propositions or ideas generated by the average Calderian man, woman or child at any given time. These constructs make use of the ample storage space provided by the human brain to store an insuperable amount of knowledge on an immense  quantity of engineering and scientific topics and concepts, effectively branding all Calderians as dormant geniuses of extraordinary caliber and potential.

In a proactive attempt  to curb the advancement of their humble hosts (both for the safety of the Calderian species and for the potential safety of the galaxy as a whole), the VIs that lurk within the minds of the teeming Calderian masses maintain constant contact with their counterpart, working in harmonic tandem to keep accurate counts of the Calderian population as it increases in numerical value. As their numbers swell, the rate at which revolutionary ideas (of which ultimately lead to exciting and breathtaking inventions) come to cross the Calderians’ collective minds exponentially increases, creating a reliable and controlled process of invention, innovation and diffusion.

Though they are moderately apparent of their true capacities and noteworthy aptitudes, Calderians are still rather ignorant of the true innerworkings behind their legendary skills, and thus take their unyielding scientific progress, daunting technical status and vast intellectual strength as being the divine work of the Norse God Odin. It is towards him where praise and thanks are directed for the proper operation of a hydraulic motor or a cold fusion reactor, with most (if not all) Calderians taking their instinctive mastery over such technology as lightly as they would the creation of a simple candle stick.  

[Hide=Rex Oceanus]

Representing the serpentine automatons that slumber underneath Calder’s frozen oceans, Rex Oceanus--or Sea Kings--are a class of super-massive Beast Machine that has made surface dwellings of any kind even more impossible to build and maintain on Calder's surface. They pose a massive risk to incoming spacecraft on account of their vast nuclear weapon stockpile.  Most notable of this phenotype's members is the Midgard Serpent, a construct so large it is rumored to span the full circumference of Calder.



The Myth

To most Calderians, Ragnarök indeed came to pass, with the final confrontation of the battle being between Thor and Jörmungandr. The melee ended with the serpent emerging victorious over his sworn arch-enemy. Looming his great reptilian head over Thor’s broken and battered body, Jörmungandr taunted and tormented the Norse God without giving pause, his harsh words reinforcing the incontestable fact that Asgard and its mighty heroes had failed the humble and mundane people of Midgard.  

Yet, before the final blow could be struck, Thor, in a final flourish and show of limitless compassion, self-sacrifice and heroic intention, used his remaining vigor and the unparalleled power of Mjölnir to spirit away one unambiguous tribe of nordic warriors to Calder, his intentions and reasons for such an act thought to be deeply rooted in animosity for the Midgard Serpent and the belief that the realm he had come to love and cherish could be made whole again.

The Beast Machines of Calder are suspected to be constructs of magical temperament fashioned by the gods Odin, Vili and Vé with the help of esteemed dwarven smiths, elven enchanters and the future-telling capabilities of Odin’s wife and queen of Asgard, Frigg.

Though largely remaining true to her personal reluctance of sharing her prophetic visions with others, Frigg’s love for her husband was too great, forcing her to forewarn Odin of the prospect of his own demise at the hand of Fenrir’s cold and unforgiving jaws, as well as the eventual subjugation of Asgard, the untimely death of its other immortal inhabitants and the utter destruction of Midgard.

Unwilling to admit defeat, Odin commissioned the creation of the Beast Machines as a preemptive means to bolster his own forces for the coming battle at Vigrid (the field on which the climatic battle of Ragnarok would take place on), storing them on a secret ‘tenth’ homeworld separated from Yggdrasil called ‘Calder’.

Government: Calder’s population is divided amongst several planet-wide cities called Holds, each one buried dozens of miles beneath the surface of Calder. These Holds are normally led by a Jarl, one of many persons in the upper echelons of Calderian society that is distinguishable by his wealth, age, wisdom, and aura. Jarls are expected to uphold the honor of their family--and their people--while remaining free of fear, weakness and impurity.    

Some Jarls may elect an advisory council made up of several individuals.

Description of Economy: Karls, the name given to the common Calderian man or woman, are the workers of society, driving business and production forward by showcasing their wares and working the machines of Calderian factories.    

Faction Status: Actively waging war against Jörmungandr.

Diplomatic Approach: None, though Calder’s overzealous and powerful planetary defense system has been pre-programmed by its original creators to shoot down incoming vessels if they do not respond in a peaceful and constrained manner. Calderians however, for the most part, are a friendly lot, though their customs may not sit well with those persons that hail from other interstellar civilizations.

Allies: N/A
Neutral: N/A
Foes: N/A

Technological Overview:

Lamellar: A misleading term, Lamellar is the label given to any one of Calder’s interchangeable combat suite systems that are given to Werewulf Mail units, Artificial Beast Machines and Relic Beast Machines prior to a battle. Typically, each complete lamellar unit has its own individual strengths and weaknesses.

For example, missile-based lamellar has the most potential for collateral destruction due to its reliance on fusion shaped-charges or neutron-based munitions augmented by injected antimatter rods, but its missiles--as expected--prove to be easily destroyed by beam-based hard-kill defense arrays. On the flip-side, railgun-based lamellar boasts incredibly durable armor, energy shield technology and point-defense arrays that make the machine it is placed on extremely resistant to land-based and space-based molestation, but its incredible weight makes its host slower and less agile.

Additionally, all lamellar shares a likened similarity to one another in that each functions as supplementary armor for the vehicle that it is attached to.

Lamellar is broken down into several sub-categories, of which constitute the head (helmet, neck guard and chin armor), torso (shoulder armor, leg armor and accompanying joint guards) and rear armor (flank armor, tail plating rear-leg armor).    

Werewulf Mail: A type of piloted vehicle that, like more straightforward piloted war suits, is a cross between a standard militiaman’s armored exoskeleton and a fully-fledged infantry-fighting vehicle. Because of its four-legged design, Werewulf Mail has superseded bipedal ‘war armor’ due to its vastly superior speed, carrying weight capacity, lower profile, and superior agility, with some versions of Werewulf Mail taking these impressive physical and tactical attributes a step further by eliminating the human element altogether, allowing for autonomous Werewulf Mail to engage in more rigorous maneuvers without concern for its pilot.

Like Beast Machines, Werewulf Mail is incredibly modular, and comes with its own set of lamellar.

Electrochemical Weaponry: Often paired with rocket-boosted smart ammunition, electrochemical weapons are a major step above traditional solid-propellant firearms. Their performance can be easily compared to that of a standard railgun when specific ammunition types (like self-guided shells that have integrated rocket motors, armor-piercing sonic tips and explosive charges) are used, with Calderian ETC weapons having the capacity to be ‘dialed up’ to higher levels at the expense of barrel life, rate-of-fire and increased fuel consumption, but with a dramatic increase in the sheer kinetic energy the weapon imparts to a target.

Sonic Weaponry: Limited by their slow speed, sonic weapons are a destructive class of anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon that assaults its target’s molecular and atomic bonds using attuned, beam-based auscultating vibrations.

Transportation: All Holds are connected by a continuous network of deeply-buried tunnels. Using these tunnels, citizens of Calder's Holds can use magnetic railway systems to move to and fro. Public transportation systems, like buses, exist as well.  

Power: Even with top-of-the-line containment fields and safety measures in place, antimatter reactors were found to be too volatile to justify their prolonged use, with fusion power being more than enough to supply Calder with its energy needs. Fuel cells, fusion cells and fission batters are also used.

Computers: Artificial Intelligence constructs are a normal sight on Calder, the most prominent example being the titanic Beast Machines that inhabit Calder. Calderian AIs are not fabricated from computer programming however, but are instead forged from either human or animal brain neurological pathways.
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The Stars Themselves NS
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