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 README: Tech Ratings

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PostSubject: README: Tech Ratings   Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:13 pm

Tech Ratings are used to compare the relative technological capability of factions in a quantifiable manner. This system is point-buy, but gives you a fair amount of flexibility. There's no system currently in place for tech progression, but staff can sprinkle on a few points to dedicated roleplayers, or even upgrade a tech level entirely as a result of roleplay. This will be done rarely, if at all. If it so happens that tech progression is being done frequently, we'll try to implement a mechanical system for it.

What follows is a description of each tech field.

Data: Computers, AI, and calculus. This field handles things related to computing and numbers.
Biology: Tube children, cloning, weaponized anthrax. This field handles things related to biochemistry and flesh.
Materials: Superalloys, armor, radiators. This field handles things related to the chemical end of construction, the materials and their properties.
Power: Nuclear fusion, anti-matter collectors, radioactive thermoelectric generators. This field handles things related to the energy needs of a civilization or ship, the method and theory.
Industry: Rapid prototyping, orbital dry docks, asteroid mining. This field handles things related to the method of construction, the structure and engineering.
Conventional: Railguns, chemical engines, ramships. This field handles things related to the applications of conventional physics not covered by the other fields, pushing their limits on maximum output and efficiencies.
Exotic: Gravitons, quantum electrolysing re-ionizer arrays, FTL. This field handles things related to exotic physics and space magic, enabling FTL and improving its stability and speed.

What follows is a description of the ratings for each tech field.

TR0 - Primitive: Technology on this level ranges from Earth's Stone Age to its Middle Ages.
TR1 - Renaissance: Technology on this level ranges from Earth's Renaissance period to its Industrial Revolutions.
TR2 - Nuclear: Technology on this level ranges from around Earth's Atomic Age to its Information Age, and two seconds into the future.
TR3 - Interplanetary: Technology on this level is defined by the faction's ability to regularly traverse between bodies in its solar system, and the beginning of their ability to colonize alien worlds. This may include advancements in life support technology or alterations to the human genome, breakthroughs in energy technologies, or simply another industrial revolution that makes the whole venture cheaper.
TR4 - Basic Interstellar: Civilizations with this level of technology usually have FTL travel, however slow or unstable it may be. They are making advances towards the limits of conventional physics, and may be starting to implement more exotic technologies then their FTL travel. Breakthroughs in every field put them fairly far ahead of their Nuclear level counterparts. Though these breakthroughs give them incredible advantages in their home region, they may still have a tough fight ahead of them when faced with TR2 and TR3 civilizations, especially when acting outside their own territory.
TR5 - Interstellar Interstellar civilizations are stable thanks to advancements in FTL travel. They are perfecting the technologies of Basic Interstellar factions and have little (if any) left to learn from Nuclear civilizations. Interplanetary civilizations can threaten Interstellar civilizations if they fight cleverly, and Basic Interstellar civilizations have an even better chance of toppling these entities.
TR6 - Advanced Interstellar Civilizations that have reached this level are truly supreme entities, reaching the limits of conventional and exotic physics alike. Whatever Interstellar civilizations perfected, they made better. Superpills to regenerate damaged tissue in hours or minutes, truly sapient AI, extreme rapid prototyping, and resilient superalloys. Advanced Interstellar civilizations may not be god-like entities, but they're closing in on Transcendence fast.

A faction starts with all their technology at TR0. Upgrading a field to a specific level costs the TR rank in points, eg., TR6 costs six points. Thus, if you had 7 points, you could have everything at TR1, or five fields at TR1 and one field at TR2.

There is a spreadsheet set up to assist with assigning your points. Ignore FTL Speed, FTL Stability, and Free for FTL (the striked out sections). Only use the cells next to each tech field (columns B and G). Click here.

You have a number of starting point pools to choose from, depending on the level of faction you want to start with.

Interplanetary factions start with 16 points.
Basic Interstellar factions start with 26 points.
Advanced Interstellar factions start with 38 points.
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README: Tech Ratings
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