A sci-fi nation roleplay focusing on interstellar empires and their interactions
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 README: Getting Started

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PostSubject: README: Getting Started   Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:23 pm

Welcome to The Stars Themselves.

The Stars Themselves is a sci-fi nation roleplay with a focus on a number of factions in a single galaxy. There is no pre-described background history the players must build their factions around, allowing players to have the most flexibility with regards to creating their factions. The Stars Themselves is a character-driven nation roleplay, with the plot progressed and told by individuals within the story, rather than played out as an impersonal grand strategy game.

To get started, you'll need some information. There is a README topic stickied in each section. Before posting in each forum, take a look at its respective README so you're aware of any special rules for that forum.

In order to begin roleplaying, you'll need to read the Species & Faction Index README and Tech Rating README. These threads will help you get started on creating your faction and species. Once you've filled out your Species and Faction applications, post them as a thread in the Species & Faction Index. A staff member will get around to reading it as quickly as possible, and they'll let you know if there are any changes that need to be made, or move your faction to the Accepted subforum.

Once you have an approved species and faction, you are free to begin posting in the Roleplaying section. You may roleplay with whoever you like so long as they allow you in their threads. It's also a good idea to avoid roleplaying decades in a thread, lest you become de-synchronized and centuries apart from the rest of the players.

For now, that's it. Have fun.
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README: Getting Started
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