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 The Patriarchy of Babel

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PostSubject: The Patriarchy of Babel   Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:49 am

Faction Name: The Patriarchy of Babel
Faction Type: Cockroaches on a Spaceship
Territory: The Tower of Babel
Species: Kakerlak
Culture: Kakerlakes, while not overly aggressive, have little regard for the safety of themselves or those around them—the thralls simply don’t care, the journeymen don’t know any better, and the patriarchs are effectively immortal.
The patriarchs behave less like a ruling body and more like a bunch of old war buddies on an extended camping trip.  They have considerable interest in the culture, technology and food of other species.
Thralls lack initiative, and will obey the commands of anyone who is convincing enough.  Journeymen aren’t quite as foolish but are imprinted to be loyal to the patriarchs.
History: Kakerlake are evolved from a cockroach-like species that infested a generation ship some millions of years ago.  The ship’s original crew perished some generations into their voyage, and were kind enough to sabotage the radiation shielding before they died.  Only some plant life and pests survived the radiation, and as the ship drifted through space they evolved to match their environment.  Gradually, the Kakerlakes developed an instinctual understanding of tools sophisticated enough to maintain and even repair portions of the generation ship.
The ship drifts for millions of years, and eventually encounters other alien life.  The Gedune uplift the Kakerlakes, augmenting some of their number with cybernetic computer systems, granting them long-term memory.  The first augmented Kakerlakes turned out to be skilled negotiators with little regard for their augmented brethren, and promptly sold many of the thralls aboard into slavery in exchange for the repair and refit of their ship.  These twenty-eight augmented Kakerlakes formed the Patriarchy of Babel, and continued on their merry way.

Species Name: Kakerlak
Physiological Description: The Kakerlak are evolved cockroaches, 3-4 feet in length.  They have a maximum lifespan of around a decade.  Like normal cockroaches (but more so), Kakerlake are almost immune to radiation, able to survive thousands of times the radiation a human could.  They can survive hundreds of gravities of acceleration, and are very resilient in general.  They can function in vacuum for more than an hour without oxygen, regenerate lost limbs, and are even receptive to freeze-drying.
Although they have a natural aptitude for tools and language, the average Kakerlak is comparable in intelligence with a dumb human.  Even the smartest could only be considered to be of average intellect by other sentient species.  And all un-augmented Kakerlake have a long term memory that lasts no longer than a week.  Although their instinctual skills make them well suited for the basic operation and maintenance of a spacecraft, without direction they are hopeless.
There are more than six thousand un-augmented Kakerlake (Thralls) aboard Babel.
Because of their resilience and regenerative capabilities, Kakerlake are easy to cybernetically augment.  The thralls are led by journeymen and patriarchs, which are augmented with computer systems which merge seamlessly with the brain.  The computer systems record for and direct the Kakerlak, imparting long term memories and enhancing their cogitation.  Only the smartest among the thralls are typically chosen for cybernetic augmentation, and those gain a plethora of computerized tools to aid them in mathematics, navigation and translation, among other subjects.
Because long-term memory retention is solely the job of the cybernetics, Kakerlakes have attained effective immortality, and can even be transferred from cockroach to shipboard computer.
Patriarch Kakerlakes are old; some have lived dozens of lifetimes.  There are only twenty-eight of them, and not one has yet died a true death.  As the Kakerlake journey between stars, they reside solely within the ship’s computers, except for the one patriarch designated as the Watcher.  During the long journeys through deep space these patriarchs guide their species’ evolution through a mixture of selective breeding and genetic engineering.
Journeymen are young augmented Kakerlakes typically imprinted with only skills, not memories.  They direct the thralls, handle delicate tasks aboard the ship, and generally carry out the demands of the patriarchs.  Lacking the wisdom (and sentimental value) of the patriarchs, journeymen rarely live more than one life.
There are currently only a hundred journeymen aboard Babel, although that number will rise in times of crisis.
Kakerlakes are omnivores, and will eat anything, even dead Kakerlake.  Kakerlake females are smaller than the males and give birth to as many as a dozen egg cases in a single year—each containing 40-60 eggs.  Where space and resources are limited (such as aboard Babel), the young eat one another until the population crisis is resolved.
Kakerlake exoskeletons are resistant to small arms fire and their underdeveloped wings allow them to, with significant effort, fly under Earth gravity.
Summary of Traits: Very resistant to radiation, vacuum, toxins.  Can withstand tremendous acceleration and are generally very durable.  No long term memory without cybernetic augmentation.  Augmented Kakerlake have a photographic memory.

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The Patriarchy of Babel
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