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 The Adherent States' Commonwealth (ASC) and the Gyraci

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PostSubject: The Adherent States' Commonwealth (ASC) and the Gyraci   Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:08 pm

Faction Application

Faction Name: Adherent States’ Commonwealth (ASC)
Faction Type: Delegative bureaucracy
Territory: Six star systems; eleven colonized planets
Species: Gyraci
Culture:Modern Gyraci culture focuses on the importance of functioning communities, from the level of cul-de-sacs to city-states. There are many holidays dedicated to communal gatherings and potlucks, and it’s encouraged that neighbors reach out to each other to seek and provide help. This communal aspect of Gyraci society is little defined by spirituality, though a number of faiths do reinforce the ideas with their moral authority.

There are possibly a dozen major religions in the ASC, and uncountable minor ones that rise above cults and underground sects. Some are adaptations of pre-Reform religions, and others only came to be after the Gyraci set out among the stars.

History:Pre-Reform: Gyraci colonization efforts result in three colonies independent of any Gyrakarrian faction. Occasional border clashes as Gyrakarrian sovereignties attempt to reclaim their colonies. The major sovereignties of Gyrakarr are also embroiled in a cold war, with some of the first true space-based warships being developed and manufactured.

First Reform: A Gyrakarrian faction subjugates the entire world after a ten year struggle. A new faction is formed, the Gyraci Stellar Commonwealth, and the defeated nations reluctantly collaborate with the victor, combining their fleets and technology to strike out and reclaim the lost worlds. There is little struggle involved in bringing them into the Commonwealth. Minor rebel activity busies the fleet during the peacetime. Colonization is continued.

Second Reform: A political crisis causes the temporary dissolution of the GSC. The autarch is deposed and a new government arises as various governors and politicians gather to write and sign the Adherency Document. The new hierarchy continues expansion under the name Adherent States’ Commonwealth.

Present: The Commonwealth is stable, with eleven worlds spread across six stars under their control. Colonization has slowed considerably, but probes continue to be sent out to neighboring stars with the hope that another ideal world can be found nearby. Rumors of political power struggles leak into the upper echelons of the Administration workforce, but the general population outside of those laborers remains largely ignorant of it. The rumors speak of a Third Reform on the horizon, or the complete dissolution of the Commonwealth and civil war.

Technology: Basic Interstellar
Data 2:
Biology 2:
Materials 4:
Power 3:
Industry 3:
Conventional 5:
Exotic 4:

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Posts : 24
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PostSubject: Re: The Adherent States' Commonwealth (ASC) and the Gyraci   Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:08 pm

Species Application

Species Name: Gyraci
Physiological Description: The Gyraci are tall, long-necked, red-skinned humanoids evolved from the tree-climbing foragers of their homeworld. Their bodies are disproportionate, with narrow waists between a skeletal ribcage and the hips, somewhat thin upper arms, and bulking forearms. Their legs seem to be the only part of their body that doesn’t suddenly switch from the bulk of muscle to the skeletal lack of it, with the Gyraci having very muscular legs overall. Their long neck holds a slouching hook-like posture much of the time, but it is incredibly flexible. Their heads are wide and somewhat long, with large eyes and a distinct lack of a nose, leaving only two slanted slits to smell and breathe through. Gyraci ears are long and extend backward along the neck, the lengthy lobe serving mostly as radiators and fans. The hands of a Gyraci are large and symmetrical, with a thumb on either side of their long fingers.
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The Adherent States' Commonwealth (ASC) and the Gyraci
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